Campaign planning 2014

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Campaign planning 2014

Make people aware of their own power by winning victories. Alter the relationship of power between people, the government, and other Campaign planning 2014 by building strong permanent organizations and relationships Phases of a Campaign Preparation: For example we need to continue to research and education throughout.

At some point it will be clear that negotiation is no longer possible and that the opponent is no longer a welcome player in our community and must be replaced. Investigate —understand the nature and extent of problem. Gather information and evidence, know who is responsible, what do people want to do.

You need a clear statement of the problem and the solution and evidence that backs up your case. Negotiate — give the opponent a clear, fair, documented and publicized opportunity to resolve the conflict. Exhaust established channels for change Educate — get the word out!

Go door-to-door, leafleting, teach-ins, petitions etc Demonstrate — marches, pickets, etc. Aim for dilemma actions where possible. Show your depth of commitment and test the determination of your opponent. Spark actions by other groups elsewhere to increase the heat Protracted Struggle or War — move from negotiation although keep the door open to the creation of alternative or parallel institutions while we shut the other one down.

Victory, Settlement — while a victory might just be mitigating damage or you may not get everything you want, but victories are a necessity for long-term movement building and culture shifting. The Art of the Campaign is engaging your opponent at every step. At the beginning we inform them of the solutions to the problems and give them the chance to do the right thing.

They fix it or not. We escalate and educate and get more people involved and go back. We give them the chance to do the right thing. We escalate and engage in demonstrations. We go back and give them the chance to do the right thing. We escalate and engage in direct action.

We escalate and at some point we determine that our opponent is no longer a responsible member of our community and we seek to close them down while replacing them with another entity. In workplace situations this may be easier said then done depending on the industry.

Campaign planning 2014

Raise public awareness about an institution, program or injustice. Bring hidden wrongs to light. Delegitimize Organizations, Institutions and Programs: Withdraw consent from the functioning of unjust bodies, laws, programs.

Interfere with their operations. Raise their social costs. Civil Rights Movement, antinuclear activism, etc. Provide opportunities for people to engage in action, experience solidarity and support, take greater risks, deepen commitment. Both those in the movement and those who hear of actions: Almost every good action.

Strengthen Voices of Reform: We embody the world we want to create, we use means consistent with our ends. We engage in imaginative action.How to Run a Political Campaign Tuesday, September 23rd, Aristotle Blog, Campaign Guide.

Originally posted on and written by Benjamin A. Katz. Running a political campaign is one of the most challenging and exhausting activities possible. Foreword Over the past years, the United States Army has proudly served the strategically adaptive, and campaign­ Army Strategic Planning Guidance in conjunction with ethnic and sectarian tensions, often exacerbate each other in those weak states, increasing the likelihood and severity of conflict.

In the meantime, ever-. MARINE CORPS SERVICE CAMPAIGN PLAN FOR 3 Purpose The purpose of the Marine Corps Service Campaign Plan is to direct short-term actions and to. Washington DC – May 20, - The American Red Cross today launched a new national campaign to reduce the drowning rate by 50 percent in 50 cities over the next three to five years.

To mark its years of swimming safety education, the Red Cross is planning to teach 50, more people in the Make it all delicious: fun food & menu ideas for holidays, parties, events and everyday meals.

APA's National Planning Excellence and Achievement Awards honor the best planning efforts and individuals that create communities of lasting value. The award recipients were honored at a special luncheon held during APA's National Planning Conference. National Planning Excellence Awards.

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