College essay for transferring examples of resumes

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College essay for transferring examples of resumes

Your resume MUST meet the requirements below: Official School Names College: College of Arts and Sciences note: School of Nursing Wharton: Resumes MUST include your degree of study.

Your degree s should be listed according to the guidelines below: All degrees are Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Wharton: Therefore, alumni should check their transcript to verify the correct degree.

Resumes MUST include your graduation date.

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List your expected graduation date month and yearfor example "May ". Do not use" "Class of " or inclusive dates i. Fall - Spring Students enrolled in The Wharton School have concentrations. Wharton does not offer majors" in its curriculum. Only students matriculated in Wharton dual degree or Wharton only students should list a concentration.

Communication majors in the Communication and Commerce track should not list a Wharton concentration. Note that the Actuarial Mathematics minor must be listed as a "University Minor. If you list anything other than your cumulative GPA, you must list the number of courses that have been used to arrive at that GPA, for example: The grades that are on your transcript are the grades used for the calculations.

If you have your study abroad grades in writing, on your resume you may say: But you MUST include the statement that your study abroad grades are not yet recorded in parentheses.

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As indicated above, you may list all schools you have attended or just Penn. If you are listing the school s from which you transferred, you may include your GPA from that school or those schools or just your Penn GPA. If you are a current student indicating your SAT scores on your resume, note that you will have three scores: Math, Critical Reading and Writing.

Be sure to list all three scores individually. You may elect to include a composite SAT score in addition to not in lieu of indicating your scores on the Math, Critical Reading and Writing sections individually.

Do not approximate your SAT scores. If you cannot recall your exact test scores, contact the CollegeBoard at http: Listing Courses You may include any courses you have completed or are currently enrolled in.

If current coursework is listed, it must be clearly indicated as such for example, "Current Coursework" or "Fall Semester Courses". You must update your resume should there be any change in your GPA, courses, activities, or other information listed.

Students who are found to have falsified any information on their resume will lose their recruiting privileges, and may be subject to disciplinary action by the Office of Student Conduct, as this is considered a violation of academic integrity.

These policies are intended to eliminate confusion as to how you represent yourself. We understand and fully appreciate the pressure of a competitive job market and wish to protect you from those who would compete unfairly.

It lists the most recent experiences first and preceding experiences in reverse chronological order.Access help with program and course selection, academic policies, and degree completion at University of Maryland University College.

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The admissions essay is a crucial part of a transfer application. You'll probably be competing with many entering students with high grades and test scores, so the essay is your chance to set yourself apart and show why you would be an asset to the college.

The ACT test is a curriculum-based education and career planning tool for high school students that assesses the mastery of college readiness standards. Common App Transfer Essay its just not what I wanted for my college an applicant pool full of transfer students with great grades and interesting college resumes, the essay could even be the one element that sets you apart from your fellow applicants.

college essay for transferring examples of resumes

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