Essay about favorite subject english

Select Page My Favourite Teacher Essay Teacher is a person in our life who provides many important things together with the good education.

Essay about favorite subject english

Print Email Brian Tam, 15 History. It enriches my knowledge of the past, allows me to examine events with different viewpoints and I can learn and not repeat! It's also closely linked to current affairs, an area which I have much interest in. Kowkob Salim, 17 It's definitely got to be chemistry.

You might think it's boring, but when it comes to experiments, colours and chemicals make it a bit more fun - unlike calculations. It can be a little tough but if you think positively, you need not fear it. Penny Pang, 18 I love English literature, despite the fact that this course is not offered at my school.

I am fond of languages, especially English.

Essay about favorite subject english

There are only 26 letters in the alphabet, but they can be used to compose many words with different meanings. I appreciate this sophisticated language very much! Jason Huang, 14 Band, because not only is it fun, it's easy to get a passing mark.

My teacher is a great person. He doesn't yell, is kind, and gives us great music to play. He provides us with great musical opportunities.

Band is da bomb! Stuart Chapman, 14 My favourite would have to be P. All the other lessons require us to sit down and stare into space. Nathalie Goh-Livorness, 14 My favourite subject at school is maths. It's all numbers, so the answer is either right or wrong.

And algebra is awesome. Jermaine Wong, 16 I have two: They both allow me to leave the classroom and relax. Specifically, I like the activities of shooting films and dancing. Casey Chan, 17 My favourite subject in school is maths because I understand it. To me, maths is very straightforward.

My maths teacher says that maths is the language of the universe. Fanny Wu, 16 English. Once I can speak fluent English, I will be able to communicate with one-third of the world's population!

Some phrases have similar equivalents in Chinese, such as: Also, English pronunciation is beautiful. Nick Goodchild, 16 My favourite school subject is art and design because it gives me a chance to express myself in an endless number of ways.

It also allows me to be imaginative and creative, which is not possible in any other subjects because there are set lessons and work plans which restrict imagination.Contextual translation of "essay on favourite subject sanskrit" into English.

Human translations with examples: my favorite subject. My favourite subject in school is English. It is quite easy and pleasant to study it. English is used in each field of life and it is useful to know it%(). My Favourite Teacher- Essay for children- By Sormista Pal.

My favourite teacher is Mrs. Leena George, our mathematics teacher. Mrs. My favorite Subject- By Madhav. My favorite subject is general knowledge. I have many general knowledge books at home.

Whenever i score good marks in exams, my parent’s gifted books to me. Why English is my Favourite Subject: English is the basic language of communicating anybody anywhere in the world.

From my school time I have noticed that many of my class-mets usually remain afraid of this language. My favorite subject in school is Mathematics. It is my favorite because I never have difficulty with it and always get good marks in tests.

Essay about favorite subject english

I suppose I am lucky to be born with a clear-thinking brain. So ever since young, Junior English essays: High School English essays.

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There are many subjects which we learn in school. Among them, history is my most favourite subject. I find this subject very interesting because it helps me to know about the rich past of my country.

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