Essay postmodern family

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Essay postmodern family

Counselling Theories Postmodern and Family System Theory Approach There have been significant interest in research on the problems of addiction; hence, the many scientific studies on the issue.

Many of the studies in this area end up with the same conclusions; the concept of addiction is complicated. The complexity partly arises from the effect it has on the drug abuser from different perspectives such as psychological, social, biological, and the impacts of addiction on social law, economics and politics.

The Last Psychiatrist: The Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder: What Does It Really Mean?

On the other hand, psychologists perceive drug addiction as a disease. From a religious worldview, addiction is a sin. Therefore, it is possible to view addiction from a medical, behavioral, and spiritual angle. As stated, the concept of addiction is complex, and there are many definitions of addiction reflecting the complexity of the phenomenon Sremac, Notably, all the definitions of addiction portray a negative judgment on addiction, but owing to the complexity of the concept, there lacks an adequate definition.

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For instance, addiction is a spiritual illness, behavioral disorder, and people, or rather the addicts find drugs their god, in the context of behavior and spiritual revival Sremac, Many prior studies agree that the crucial aspects of addiction include: Prior studies further suggest that there exist various theories and approaches of addiction, but many of them fail to offer sufficient information based on social and contextual factors.

Even if many studies suggest social factors, some studies differ, and suggest that addiction is behavior, which is central to particular variables emerging from the psychosocial setting of the family Sremac, Owing to this, the family has become the center of therapy, whereby, the family takes part in developing interventions in efforts to treat addiction.

In the recent decades, many scholars have expanded, and disregarded traditional theories and included the family to develop the family therapy theory Russo and Kemmerer, This paper explores the postmodern and family systems theory in addiction.

Family Systems Theory Family systems theory has become an important approach to comprehend human functions and dysfunction. In the past decades, family therapy theory and practice has become responsive owing to the developing diversity and complexity of families in the dynamic world.

Essay postmodern family

A new generation of family systems scholars have re-formulated and expanded the family therapy theory and practice. With an extensive bio-psychosocial systemic view, there is much attention on biological and socio-cultural impacts. Notably, the practice of family therapy is central to the general presumptions concerning the mutual influence of the family and interaction of individual members and socio-cultural processes Caldwell and Caxton, In a family, there exists an interconnection such that each family member influences the other members, who in turn affect the first member in a cycle.

In such a cycle, there is an action and a subsequent reaction. This will result to a sequence of interactions, but regardless of how the sequence began, family members can collaborate to handle the problem.

In addition, professional assistance or intervention will aim at interrupting vicious cycles to promote "virtuous cycle" and solve the problem. On the other hand, the practice of family therapy addresses the complex interactions of individual, family, and social processes.

The influence of biological influences in medical, psychiatric conditions, and psychosocial well being is well developed. Owing to several influences, counselors and other practitioners will need to be cautious not to suppose a family causal role in individual symptoms or relational distress.

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Postmodern and Family Systems Theory: Application in Addiction Family Systems Theory Prior studies suggest that in many cases, drug addiction develops during the adolescent stage primarily because of the intense fear of disconnection experienced by the family. Moreover, a sound family system, parents can re-negotiate their relationship that will not include the child in the future.

In case the parents lack the capacity to redefine their roles, the child will lack the chance of differentiation and the parents, together with the addict become entirely stuck within this stage of development.Analysis: In “Modern Family” the main relationship type that occurs is family, which is a “relationship characterized by defined roles, recognition of mutual responsibilities, a shared history and future, and shared living space” (DeVito, , p.

91). View this term paper on Postmodern and Family System Theory Approach. There have been significant interest in research on the problems of addiction hence the. The global revolution that is changing the perception of families as a unit is impacting families across cultures and in multi-dimensional w.

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