How would you write a quarter to 5 pm

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How would you write a quarter to 5 pm

A clumsy but grammatically correct alternative for the OPs example would be: Saying "half an hour" grammatically means one half of one hour, while saying "zero point five hours" refers to 0.

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I also think it's poor form to encourage an English learner to say "one hour plus half an hour" which isn't used in everyday English. For exactly one, we use the singular: For more than one, we use the plural: For a fraction, you can say "of an hour", like "half of an hour", "three quarters of an hour", etc.

That's how we usually say it if we use a ratio-type fraction. For half we sometimes omit the "of" and simply say "half an hour", but I don't think that works with any other fraction: Probably because we're used to using the plural when there's a decimal point, even though it's another way of saying "one".

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Just like, if it was an expression, I'd likely use the plural even if it came out to 1. Like, "Hmm, so the time comes out to. Certainly in a case like, "The time required is x times 2 minus 3 hours, and x is equal to 2. I can completely understand what they are trying to say, but marvel at how they construct the idea in a way that makes sense to them, but would be unusual for a native English speaker.

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Here are some ways native English speakers would describe time:Nov 24,  · A small and teeming network of laissez-faire living lounged out on the balmy banks of the Mighty Mississippi, the French Quarter has long been a port.

- five o'clock - quarter after five (or, you could say, quarter past five) - half past five - quarter to six (or, you could say, quarter 'till six) Read each question and write the time in standard form.

1. Marvin eats breakfast at quarter after six.

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What time does Marvin eat breakfast? _____ 2. 25 rows · Time. There are different ways to write and talk about the time.

how would you write a quarter to 5 pm

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