Oxbridge colleges

All Souls and Merton Colleges — 2nd and 3rd respectively when it comes to property investments — have, however, disclosed details of their lands. All Souls owns some 9, acres, whilst Merton owns 14, acres.

Oxbridge colleges

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images A new generation of Oxford and Cambridge colleges should be opened to create more places for disadvantaged youngsters, says a report into widening access to university.

The report wants more Oxbridge places, as other universities have expanded.

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Oxford and Cambridge both said they had "no plans" to create new colleges. The report, Reaching the Parts of Society Universities Have Missed, makes recommendations for tackling unequal access to higher education.

Entry to Oxford and Cambridge is described as "hyper-selective" and the report suggests a practical response would be to create more places, in the way that many other universities have expanded.

Image caption A project in Manchester is trying to recruit students whose families have not been to university "If existing colleges are reluctant to increase their undergraduate entry, then it is time to consider founding a number of entirely new Oxbridge colleges to boost the number of students from under-represented groups at our oldest, richest and most prestigious universities," said Mr Hillman.

A spokeswoman from the University of Oxford said there were "no plans to expand overall undergraduate numbers or create new colleges". The University of Cambridge also said it did not have any plans to significantly increase undergraduate numbers.

Prof Graham Virgo, pro-vice-chancellor for education, said: Change in first-year undergraduate admissions to Conor Ryan of the Sutton Trust social mobility charity suggests changing the admissions process so students apply after they know their exam results, rather than relying on predicted grades.Colleges The first key ‘Oxbridge’ element is the college system.

Oxford and Cambridge are each made up of colleges – more than 40 at Oxford, more than 30 at Cambridge – and prospective students usually choose a particular college to apply to. The sheer dominance by the top two social classes of Oxford and Cambridge University admissions has been revealed in newly released data.

Oxbridge colleges

Four-fifths of students accepted at Oxbridge between Oxbridge is a portmanteau of "Oxford" and "Cambridge"; the two oldest, most prestigious, and consistently most highly-ranked universities in the United Kingdom.

But in the meantime, you might want to browse our new Oxbridge college tree.

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This diagram divides all the colleges up on the basis of three criteria: size, reputation and distance from the centre. For example, if you want a college in Oxford that’s large, has an excellent reputation and is reasonably near the centre, you probably want Christ.

Welcome to Oxbridge Academy, a private distance learning college offering a wide range of accredited courses and skills development programmes. Jul 04,  · A third of Oxford's colleges admitted three or fewer black students over the last three years (Photo by Loop Images/UIG via Getty Images).

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