Penn foster exam 06044200 math

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Penn foster exam 06044200 math

Which of the following statement accurately reflects what we know about facilitating science learning for infants and toddlers?

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Infants and toddlers are too young to develop science skills; instead, you should focus on physical skills. Infant toddler classrooms should have a variety of materials that emphasize such concepts as cause and effect and classification.

Infant toddler teachers need to have a fully developed science center that includes such materials as magnets and simple science experiments. To design an effective dramatic play center, which of the following criteria would you follow?

Limited props so children are encouraged to use their imagination B. Located in the quiet area of the classroom D. Some safe, loose parts so children can create what they need 3. Which of the following statements concerning infants and music is true?

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Even before birth, children respond to music. Lullabies are found only in cultures originating in Europe, so they might not be appropriate in all cultural settings. The sensory center can help children develop skills and knowledge in which of the following domains?

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Physical, social, and cognitive B. Physical, social, emotional, and cognitive 5. Which of the following would be an important consideration when supplying musical instruments? Providing durable, quality-sounding instruments even if you only have a few B.

Avoiding homemade instruments since they tend to have low sound quality C. Providing whistles since these are favorite instruments of children D.

When would you provide a very limited variety of art materials? When children are first introduced to an art media or tool B. When the art center is small D.

When children are under the age of four 7. Which of the following teachers is using the computer most effectively? The computer is too likely to just be a plaything. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics states that all five math standards are important in the early childhood years.

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However, they state that an emphasis needs to be placed on which of the following standards? Numbers and operations, algebra, measurement B. Algebra, geometry, data analysis C.

Algebra, geometry, measurement D. Numbers and operations, geometry, measurement 9. Which would be the most appropriate way to respond to artwork?

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Penn foster exam 06044200 math

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