Rencontre a quinze france 2

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Rencontre a quinze france 2

Pierre Claverie, murdered on the 1st of Augustwas the last of the nineteen victims of the Church of Algeria, who died during the Black decade that claimed the lives of more thanAlgerians. This Beatification has a powerful meaning.

In the cosmopolitan and globalized world which is now ours, this challenge of the encounter is more pertinent than ever.

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While the globalization of the economy and social networks have bought men together, murderous identities are resurfacing, barriers are emerging between people, seeming to slow down the progress of the post-war UN, Europe, etc.

Pierre Claverie reiterates the happiness that there may be in the encounter of the other, the different. It is a powerful message for countries tempted to shut their doors as migrants are knocking at their doors. There are objective reasons for this: But the fear of the Muslim is often irrational, visceral and prevents a real encounter.

Rencontre a quinze france 2

The Church of Algeria had to make a real conversion after the political independence of the country in While its presence was hardly justified by the small number of faithful, it wanted to put itself at the service of the Algerian people and become a Church of encounter.

True dialogue, in his eyes, is demanding, it supposes to recognize the uniqueness of the other and to want to enrich our differences. The passion of his life was to discover what the next Muslim Algerian could teach him, including the search for God. Without syncretism, without easy unanimity.

He did it with passion during the decades after independence where everything was to be built in this country. There he put all his talents and his whole heart, engaging in projects of solidarity and development.

Refusing the caution that his friends advised him, Pierre Claverie had publicly declared his solidarity with the Algerians, writers, artists, intellectuals, who fought for an open and plural Algeria.

The destiny of the Algerian women was particularly close to his heart. He paid for it with his life. This beatification is not, therefore, a way of setting the Christian victims apart from a tragedy that has left tens of thousands dead.

This should be on the contrary, as Bishop Jean-Paul Vesco, successor of Pierre Claverie in Oran, said, an opportunity to celebrate the loyalty of a Church which has wanted to remain in solidarity at the time of the ordeal and therefore to celebrate the friendship with the Algerians.

It is the testimony of love for Christ, for the Church and for the Algerian people that they have given, that the Church wants to recognize, to celebrate by using them as examples for the universal Church where all those who are on the path need role models who can show them the way.

Most of the others, especially the nuns, have lived their testimony in discretion and humility, but it is absolutely the same testimony that is given.

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The Church therefore offers us as examples of the men and women whom we can feel close to. These are role models of holiness for our time. It is a grace for the entire Church. We hope that Algeria is thus encouraged in its work of healing and reconciliation.

His family resided in this country for five generations. An intense deep search leads him to religious life in the Dominican Order. He learns Arabic and is passionate about discovering a newly independent country, learning the Arabic language and making many Algerian friends.

Rencontre a quinze france 2

For 15 years, he is with Bishop Henri Teissier, one of the closest collaborators of Cardinal Duval, who understood that the new mission of the Church in Algeria was not to be a Church of Embassy, a survival of the past, but a church for Algeria, an Algerian Church.

Its mission is not to convert Muslims, but to accompany a country that is being rebuilt and to live with the Algerians the adventure of friendship and encounter.

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His clarity of analysis of situations and his spiritual depth earned him to be chosen on the 5th of June as the Bishop of Oran, a small diocese according to the size of its faithful Christians, but very rich in nationalities who live in a special way in profound harmony with the Algerian society.

When the violence descends on the country, Pierre Claverie chooses to put the structures of his diocese even more at the service of the needs of the Algerian population.

At the time of the violence of the s, he made the choice to speak, in solidarity with his Algerian friends - intellectuals, artists, women - who campaign for an open, non-exclusive Algeria.En ces temps d'hiver, pas mal de se souvenir des randonnées d'été.

Début septembre, j'ai fait le grand tour du massif de l'Oisans, avec 2 personnes, de refuge en total 13 jours d'une marche exigeante, mais qui m'a laissé des souvenirs éblouisMon défi était de faire  au moins un croquis par jour - j'avais emporté un minimum de matériel, dont un carnet.

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