Weakness analysis of brita water filters

Scope of the Report Water filtration is needed to have pure water for drinking and other purposes. The ultra-pure water leaving the electrodialysis or ion exchange can be further treated by either chemical injection to produce water for printing purposes or can be subjected to ultra-violet sterilisation to produce uncontaminated water for use in medical or food processing purposes. The different companies are producing a different kind of water filter which is having high demand among the consumers.

Weakness analysis of brita water filters

July 21, Re: SU14] Executive Summary Brita is the market leader in the household water purification industry with its pitcher-filter product. Brita has developed a similar product.

Shopping guide for best water filtration systems. (POU) water filter systems? A. A POE system filters all of the water that enters your home, which means water from every faucet is filtered. A POU system filters water on a particular water source, such as your kitchen faucet. If you want all of your drinking, bathing, and washing water. Alkaline/Water Ionizers. These filters use a process known as electrolysis. What this means is the water is passed over plates which are electrically charged, and it’s separated into two streams. One is alkaline and the other is acidic. Not only do you get softer water as a result, water that’s low in acidity is much better for your skin as. My filter is the only filter that removes fluoride, arsenic and many other toxins down to non-detectable levels by independent, third-party water test. My water solution for .

The problem is, if it should invest another huge amount of money in the new product? Situation Analysis Brita Company produces a pitcher-filter water purification system for households. It is the first mover in the market, and has led the industry for the past few years.

The key to their growing revenue is that one pitcher usually will generate the demand of continuous filter consumption for many years. Now that their major competitor published a new faucet mount product targeting the same market, which may have huge influence to current Brita business.

Do nothing to foster the faucet market Rationale: Brita should defend its existing market of pitcher-filter water purification system Advantage: Focus on current sales; Disadvantage: Sales may be threatened by new substitute faucet mounts ; 2.

Lost product differentiation to families; 3. May lose a large amount of potential revenue brought by the faucet mounts; 2. Build another installed base of faucet-mounted water purification system Rationale: The new product from PUR would disrupt the exiting pitcher market Advantage: Good brand name; 2.

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Large existing customer base of former product; 3. Helps open the market to new customers: Lost first-movers advantage to PUR; have to earn market from competition; 2. Distract from pitcher sales; 3. Invest in both products Rationale: The two products can co-exist in the current market Advantage: Customers may use both products in their house; 3.

Lower business risk of only focusing on one product.

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Need a lot of investment; 2. May lose both market resulting from not sufficient investment. Couric will be responsible for the new battle. The competitive pricing would be the crucial factor to influence the effect of our promotion.Performance Evaluation Removal of Perfluorochemicals (PFC’s) with Point-of-Use (POU) Water Treatment Devices PFC analysis was conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health, water treatment devices to reduce exposure to PFCs through their drinking water.


Weakness analysis of brita water filters

Enjoy the great taste of purified water with the Brita Optimax Cool White Water Filter. It's ideal for a big family because it's an extra large filter with that can hold up to litres of water.

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Water: Tap vs Filtered vs Bottled. Not all water authorities do though and you should check with your water company who should be able to give you an analysis breakdown. Tap Water and Filters. Other filters include the cartridges which fit to special water jugs such as those by Brita.

Brita water filters remove a variety of things from. Jivara Remineralizer turns Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Water into Naturally Alkaline Water.


You Are Minerals and Water. Add Minerals to Your Water. Failing to get enough iron can lead to anemia and create weakness and fatigue. As you can see, minerals are as essential to our bodies as sand is to a beach.

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Water purification is a two-step process of disinfecting water and removing contaminants. Coliform bacteria are one type of impurity that might be present in your water.

It is one of about 90 contaminants that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency monitors for its drinking water standards.

My filter is the only filter that removes fluoride, arsenic and many other toxins down to non-detectable levels by independent, third-party water test.

My water solution for .

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